The Artist


Jeremy was born in Devon, UK and drew and painted from an early age. Growing up in rural England fostered a love for the beauty of landscape which has continued with him today. With no formal tuition, art for him is more instinctual and has been a process full of life, experimentation and discovery. Most of his early paintings were in oil although now he works in many different media including watercolor and acrylic.

Emigrating to South Africa in 1972, he continued his schooling there, drawing and painting in his spare time and developing his realistic style. He exhibited mainly in group-shows and in 1985, took part in an exhibition with a few of South Africa's best-known artists.

In 1986 he moved to Hong Kong with the intention of painting full time and painted mostly landscapes during that period. A short trip back to the UK for a few months led to successful exhibitions in Buckinghamshire, England and upon his return to Hong Kong, continuing exhibiting in Hong Kong. Many of his illustrations depicting wildlife went to local books and magazines. Working in conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF - HK), much work was done to help promote the plight of migrating birds in Hong Kong and the efforts to provide a safe reserve in which they could be protected. Donated drawings and paintings also helped to raise funds for the Elephant and Rhino Foundation. It was during this time that his work matured and he started focusing on a larger view of the landscape that incorporated dramatic skyscapes – a feature that is prevalent in his work today.

Moving to the United States in 1993, he now resides in Maryland and has exhibited widely within the US. He has won many awards for his paintings including the Award of Excellence at the Society of Animal Artists (SAA) in 1997, 1999 and 2001. Illustrations have gone to the Beidaihe Bird Society (China), the American Birding Association, Inc., and Bird Watchers Digest as well as many other books and publications. Recent books featuring his artwork are ‘The Best of Wildlife Painting’ - North Light Books; ‘The Owls of North America’ - The Heliconia Press and more recently; ‘Easy Solutions: Color Mixing for Watercolor’ - Quarry Books.

Currently represented by five Galleries, his work includes landscapes typical of the Eastern Shore area as well as scenes observed on his many travels around the globe. His work has all the resonance of sudden discovery - from watercolors of an ancient Mosque in Egypt to large oils of a gentle dawn breaking over the Southern Californian desert.

Although primarily a studio painter, he still spends as much time in the field as he can, watching, drawing and painting the landscape as well as birds and animals. Collections of his work are to be found in private and corporate collections around the world